Watch an older GM pickup two-step with a Texas twister


Wild weather has struck again in Texas, this time in the form of a severe tornado outbreak. High wind, torrential rain, hail and tornadoes struck populaces from San Antonio to Dallas and points northward Monday afternoon into Tuesday morning. One driver near Elgin, Texas (an Austin suburb), came face-to-face with one of those twisters and survived the ordeal — and then some. 

The ordeal was captured by storm chaser Brian Emfinger who was filming the tornado as it crossed a highway near Elgin. The truck appears to be a later GMT800 model (2005-2006ish Silverado, we’re guessing), but despite its hefty crew cab layout, the storm tossed it around like it was no more substantial than the debris airborne around the funnel. Fortunately for the driver, it eventually landed right-side up and still running, allowing for an escape.

According to the above twitter thread, the Chevy was driven by a teenager who walked away with only bumps and scrapes — and likely a newfound respect for both the power of nature and the wonders of modern(ish) automotive engineering. 

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