Woman’s lips left ‘super bruised’ as lip-filler procedure goes wrong


Basia Query, 24, before and after lip filler.— Social media/@basiaquery
Basia Query, 24, before and after lip filler.— Social media/@basiaquery

In an unfortunate incident, a woman from Las Vegas, USA, suffered from an extreme allergic reaction after getting a $350 lip filler due to which her lips swelled three times their normal size.

Basia Query, 24, got a discounted procedure that did not involve the use of needles. After the beautician injected the filler into Query’s lips with a hyaluron pen, she went into a suspected anaphylactic shock.

The hyaluron pen uses highly-pressurised air to get it below the skin. An anaphylactic shock is when the immune system floods, causing the blood pressure to drop and the airways to narrow and in extreme cases even close.

Query was left unable to speak and eat after the allergic reaction ballooned her lips. Pictures shared on social media showed the massive size of her lips.

She said it was the “scariest thing ever” for her and was afraid she might even have to “cut off” her lips. Thankfully, the doctors intervened within five minutes of the shock and gave her a shot of adrenaline.

Within 24 hours, the swelling in her lips reduced a little but she said they were still left “super bruised”.

Following the incident, the 24-year-old said she would not pursue any other cosmetic procedures in the future and that her family was “terrified” too.

Interestingly, Query was not new to the process. She had been to the clinic for the same thing twice and had gotten her lips done without any issues. This time, however, she was left feeling very uncomfortable.

Query rushed to the pharmacy for an anti-allergy wearing a mask to hide her lips. Reportedly, the reaction was caused by an anaesthetic she was given to numb the pain.

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