Zahir Shah’s daughter buried in Kabul


KABUL: Princess Mariam Naim, the second daughter of King Mohammed Zahir Shah, was laid to rest on Maranjan Hill in Kabul on Sunday.

Mohammad Nadir Naim, the son of Princess Mariam, confirmed his mother’s death. She passed away at age 85 on Saturday in Kabul. Princess Mariam was the second daughter of Afghanistan’s last King, Mohammed Zahir Shah, who ruled Afghanistan for around 40 years. According to her relatives, the princess was supportive of women’s right to work and education and was always hoping for a peaceful Afghanistan.

“After the coup (of 1973) of Afghanistan, she, alongside my dad, migrated to the UK. She lived with us for the past three years. Despite being a princess, she was very humble,” said Nadir Naim, her son.

The princess was working as a nurse when her father ruled the country. “She wanted to talk to women and encourage them to work for the prevention of bloodshed in Afghanistan,” said Hafizullah Barakzai, a relative.

Former Afghan King Zahir Shah had two daughters and five sons. Princes Mariam was the second child. She has spent a lot of her time out of Afghanistan. Princes Mariam gave birth to one child.

“Mrs. Mariam was from a royal family. She was the second daughter of King Mohammad Zahir Shah. She loved her country,” said Abdul Wahab, a relative.

The princess was buried on Maranjan Hill, where many other members of the royal family of King Zahir Shah have been laid to rest. Zahir Shah, who is also known as Baba-e-Millat, lived in exile for three decades after he was overthrown by Mohammed Daoud Khan, the first Afghan president. King Zahir Khan died at age 92 in July 2007.

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